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Common Murre. By Ómar Runólfsson - Common Guillemot - Uriae aalge - Langvía (Hringvía)Uploaded by Snowmanradio, CC BY 2.0,

Common Murre

The Common Murre is a large auk. The name “murre” comes from the Cornish word meaning Razorbill, which is a fitting description of this thin-billed bird. The bird was first described in 1763 by Erik Pontoppidan, an author, bishop, historian, and antiquary from Denmark. Photo Credit: Common Guillemot Uriae aalge – Langvía (Hringvía) by Ómar […]


Moving an Occupied Bird House

It is a myth that if humans contact a baby bird or bird eggs, the parents will abandon the nest. Most nesting birds have a poor sense of smell. (This does not imply that all birds have a bad sense of smell – some birds have incredible senses of smell.) Birds work very hard to […]


Birds are Particular about their Homes

Did you know that not every bird uses a birdhouse? In fact, only cavity nesting birds use birdhouses. Examples of cavity nesting birds are purple martins, bluebirds, chickadees, wrens, the American kestrel, the ash-throated flycatcher, barn owls, and the common golden-eye. These birds will build a nest in a birdhouse that you place in your […]

Birds at Bird Feeder

What to Feed Wild Birds

Many people in North America and around the world have discovered that feeding wild birds is an enjoyable pastime. Unlike some hobbies, this one doesn’t have to be expensive. You will need to build to buy a bird feeder and obtain some bird food. There are several options available to you for where to procure […]