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If you’re like most passionate gardeners, you likely enjoy spending time outdoors beautifying your yard by planting new beds, cleaning them up, adding mulch, etc. Many times there’s work to be done on the hard landscaping as well – leveling stepping stones, repairing retaining walls, fixing fencing and trellises, etc. And, let’s be honest, the older we get, the more challenging some of these tasks can become.

Antique Wooden Wheelbarrow
Antique Wooden Wheelbarrow

When working around the yard or in the garden, there are few things that can help with the heavy lifting like a wheelbarrow. They’re an efficient way to move large loads of materials from one place to another. Whether you are transporting garden dirt, fill dirt, sand, mulch, or concrete, a wheelbarrow is an essential tool. There are manual and motorized wheelbarrows to choose from these days. Both machines are useful for gardeners. However, a motorized wheelbarrow is a must-have for those in the landscaping or construction professions.

Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

If you were to ask someone to describe or draw a wheelbarrow, it would probably look like this, with two handles and one wheel:

One Wheel Wheelbarrow
One Wheel Wheelbarrow

However, the 2 wheel wheel barrow is the fastest growing type of wheelbarrow on the market. The additional wheel aids with balance and load bearing, so our aging population is thankful for the assistance in both of those areas! Naturally, two wheel wheelbarrows are a little bit less nimble than their one wheel wheelbarrow alternatives.

Two wheel wheelbarrows are typically 20% or so more expensive than one wheel wheelbarrows, so the one wheel variant will always be around. But if you can afford it, we recommend going with a two wheel wheelbarrow.

Two Wheel Wheelbarrow
Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

Power Wheelbarrow

A motorized wheelbarrow makes hauling heavy items such as gravel, dirt, wood chips, and other items, effortless. They come in gas or electric-powered models. Gas-powered models are self-propelled, taking the manpower out of the equation. Electric-powered models use a rechargeable battery pack, making them more environmentally friendly. Both make large projects around the yard much easier. There’s no heavy lifting or straining to tote things around.

Motorized wheelbarrows are also known as a power wheelbarrow, and can assist in hauling heavier loads more so than a manual wheelbarrow. A power wheelbarrow can typically carry a load weighing anywhere from 200 to 700-plus pounds. This makes it ideal if you’re a senior, have back issues, or you’re simply of petite stature. You’ll be able to haul much heavier loads with a power-assisted wheelbarrow, making yard work more efficient and painless!

Motorized Wheelbarrow in use in Tanzania Forest by Eli Duke
Motorized Wheelbarrow in use in Tanzania Forest

To control the power and speed, there are throttle and speed settings, to give you greater control. This gives you the option to use slower speeds for control over rugged, uneven terrain or small spaces and faster speeds for wide-open spaces. Speeds range from 1 to 3 MPH, with most including reverse speeds. Most include brakes, for easier stopping and better control on declines.

Motorized Wheelbarrow
Motorized Wheelbarrow

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The motility and power of a motorized wheelbarrow makes it so much easier to maneuver than the old-fashioned wheelbarrows. They handle inclines well, too. Some models can accommodate slopes of up to 20 degrees with little effort. Although, as with most things, not all models are created equal.

Hopper sizes vary, most with a load capacity of 3-4 cubic feet. Of course, larger models can usually handle a greater capacity. Hoppers are typically made of steel or durable plastic. Many times the hopper is removable, allowing you to use your wheelbarrow as a flatbed. Power wheelbarrows have hoppers that tip independently of the rest of the machine. Typically this is done by the simple lift of a handle. And some models come equipped with interchangeable accessories, such as blades or a vacuum.

Power Wheelbarrow Unboxing and Test Drive

Electric Wheelbarrow

An electric wheelbarrow can truly make hauling all kinds of items a breeze. Depending on the model, once the battery pack is charged, it can last anywhere from 2 to 11 hours. Overall, electric wheelbarrows are lighter and may have lighter load capacities than a gas-powered model. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t get those heavy-duty jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Electric wheelbarrows can typically haul up to six times more weight in a single trip. Hence, reducing labor time and costs significantly. And, as we all know, time is money.

Another benefit of using an electric wheelbarrow is that it can reduce the risk of accidents as it does the heavy lifting for you. The functionality and versatility help you work smarter while avoiding common back injuries.

Powered wheelbarrows are built with a narrow width, making them super portable. You can load them onto a pickup truck, trailer, or van. Their size makes it easy to go around tight corners and through doorways without damaging the framework.

Electric Wheelbarrow Challenge – Comparison to Standard Wheelbarrow

Garden Cart

Another indispensable garden accessory is the garden cart. Garden carts are also used for carrying around garden supplies. There are several to choose from on the market. It’s important to choose a cart that is large enough to hold all of your supplies, is sturdy and reliable.

Garden Cart
Garden Cart

Garden carts typically have two or more large wheels. Their bottoms are flat and they’re straight on the sides. They’re often more stable than wheelbarrows but are harder to manage on rough or uneven surfaces.

Pulling a garden cart may be easier for those who have trouble walking. And if you struggle with lifting, the bed of a garden cart might be easier to get things in and out of. There are also gas and electric powered carts if you have the extra money and the desire to make working in the garden as easy as possible.

Honestly, a motorized wheelbarrow or garden cart can be a lifesaver and you’ll be so glad you invested in one!

Taking a Rest Break in a Wheelbarrow by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash
Taking a Rest Break in a Wheelbarrow

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