Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture Buying Guide

Teak wood has been sought after for centuries, a prized material since the 17th century to adorn homes of the very wealthy. Since the middle of the 20th century, Teak wood has been Indonesia’s most valuable resource. On the island of Java in Indonesia they harvest the Teak wood and replant, however, the best furniture comes from mature trees which are 80 years old. So, the older the wood is, the more you should expect to spend.  If your looking for a Teak alternative, Yellow Balau wood furniture may just be what you are looking for.

What Is Teak?

Teak wood is like no other wood since it is composed of oil and rubber. The wood maintains this composition even after the tree is cut and manufactured. Because of this, Teak wood is naturally weather-proof and bug proof. In India, untreated Teak wood was found in an abandoned cave, its condition was unbelievable being more than 2,000 years old. This was untreated wood so no need to worry about conditioning your outdoor Teak furniture.
The two different kinds of Teak wood, sapwood and the heart wood. The sapwood doesn’t have the same qualities as the heart wood. The center of the tree is the heart wood and full of natural oils, whereas the sapwood is from the other most part of the tree and with less oils. This makes the heart wood more valuable and of course more expensive.

Is Teak Furniture the Best Option?

Since Teak is so durable and strong, it takes little care. Its color will turn from a honey brown color to a silver gray color naturally. Teak is initially more of an investment, however, if you consider the oils and protective steps you take with other wood furniture and replacement costs, Teak wood is a better investment.
You just have to look at the options and weigh each one. If you are hands down in love with Teak, then you won’t settle for anything else. If you are on the border about price and are looking for a compatible alternative, don’t forget to check out Yellow Balau wood furniture. It has the same look and feel of Teak but at half the cost.  You can find anything from a single chair to a complete dining set made with Yellow Balau.

What Are The Advantages Of Teak Patio Furniture?

Teak wood lasts longer than other wooden outdoor furniture. Teak wood needs little care and has a beautiful color when aged naturally outdoors in the weather. Teak wood needs no oils, varnish or paint. Its beauty and strength is maintained for years and therefore is a good investment. Teak has also been the primary choice for many years on and inside of ships and yachts for decking and trimming, it is also the choice for yacht decking because of its water repellent properties.

How Is This Different from Cedar or Redwood?

Cedar outdoor furniture as well as Redwood outdoor furniture will need more care to maintain then the Teak wood. Interestingly enough, it is recommended to rub Teak oil on Redwood and Cedar to preserve it. That may say something right there.
Some may like the smell of cedar. Dog houses are sometimes made from cedar wood to repel fleas, also cedar chips are stuffed into dog and cat beds for this same reason. Cedar shingles have been used for years because of its natural tendency to swell and seal the roof when it rains. Cedar is also used for closets, jewelry boxes and cigar boxes too.
The redwood is appealing to some because of its rich red color. Picnic tables and fences are sometimes made with Redwood. However, there is that consideration of sealing it or painting it at the beginning and at least every year after that. You may be able to buy, at additional cost, redwood that is already treated and sealed.
Cedar patio furniture is durable and also naturally resists insects, weather damage as well as decay. Cedar comes in 17 different kinds of wood according to the region that it was grown in.
Redwood patio furniture they suggest applying three coats of Teak wood oil in the fall so it will absorb before being exposed to the elements. Apply several coats of varnish and allow to dry then sand in between coats as well.

Is Teak Garden Furniture Right for all Climates?

Due to the composition of this wood, containing oil and rubber, Teak will work in all climates with very little care. If you like the silver look to it after the weather has aged it then leave it and don’t weatherize, it will be fine. If you do like the honey brown color of the fresh Teak wood, then you may need to look into preserving the color.