Ceramic Planters

Shopping for Garden Pots And Planter Boxes

If you have ever gone shopping for garden pots or planter boxes in your local garden center or home improvement store, then you know that they can get extremely expensive. Whether you are looking for a composite PVC box, a cedar or  wood planter box, or ceramic garden pots for your favorite flowers, you can quickly spend quite a lot of money without really getting what you want.

By going online, you will see that there are many more options available to you for both garden pots and planter boxes, and that you can find them in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, at almost any price point.

What Types Of Planter Boxes Are Available?

You might not know it, but planter boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of us are used to seeing small planter boxes that will sit outside window, or larger ones that might line a driveway or walkway to a home. Planter boxes can be suitable for flowers, shrubs, trees, as well as fruits and vegetables, and even for desert plants such as cacti.

The first decision that you will need to make is the size and height of your planter box. Some planter boxes are designed to sit on the ground, with a small amount of clearance over the ground provided by legs. This will allow water to drip through the box and not create building beneath.

In addition to freestanding planter boxes, there are plant stands for indoor use, planter boxes that will hang outside of the window, and find boxes that have some kind of an attached trellis. These are usually designed to be used on the side of a home, where the vegetation growing and the planter box can make its way up the trellis, creating a beautiful effect.

How Can You Choose The Best Garden Pots?

When it comes to choosing garden pots, you may want to consider just how permanent of a fixture the pots will be in your yard. If you want something that is permanent or will not likely be moved very often, concrete planters are good choice. These require no maintenance, and they make taking care of plans easy.

Plastic garden pots are obviously the latest in weight, and are ideal for people who like to move their plans around or may not be staying in their home in the long term. Wooden planter boxes and garden pots are little heavier, but they are certainly much nicer than plastic or concrete pots in most instances.

What Materials Should You Choose?

There are several different types of plastic or vinyl materials available in garden pots and planter boxes, and one of the advantages of choosing plastic or vinyl is that these materials are often found in various colors. If you have always wanted to have bright white garden pots in your yard, then vinyl or plastic is certainly the best way to go.

The other hand, many people like planter boxes that are made from wood so that they appear more natural and blend in with the rest of the yard. What planter boxes can also be painted of course, though they often the best when they kept their natural color. You may want to weather-proof these pots and boxes to ensure that they last for years to come.

What Other Considerations Should You Keep In Mind?

Whether you are buying a single flowerpot or planter box, or you are looking at hanging planters, it is worth considering the kind of vegetation that will be planted and the amount of water that it will need. Plants that require a lot of water will usually be better served in a plastic or concrete planter, simply because you can water them regularly without worrying about doing damage to wood. If you want to stick with wooden planters, then make sure you choose high quality with such as cedar, redwood, or fir, all of which are usually suitable for most environments.

What Other Items Should You Consider For Your Garden?

What is most people begin shopping for garden pots and planter boxes, they begin looking at other items that can help to enhance their yard. These include wrought iron plant stands, window box planters, and herb planters. Once you get a feel for gardening, you may begin to look at racks or stands that will hold numerous smaller pots, since these often make seasonal gardening much easier.

In any case, there is little doubt that there are many options when it comes to finding the right planter boxes or pots for your garden, simply by shopping online. Whether you are looking for a traditional, wooden planter box or a modern looking concrete or colored plastic one, you will undoubtedly find numerous ones that fit your purpose.