Water Storing Jelly Crystals – Pink Crystal Rose Cracked Ice Water Gel Crystals All Event Vase Fillers


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Promotion *(Buy 2 Get 1 Free) This sale includes: Water Crystals “Cracked Ice” Original Pink Crystal Rose 28 gram package Crystal Accents Deco Beads Water Storing Crystals. Each Pack Makes 4 Quarts or About a Gallon. (PLEASE CONTACT US TO HELP YOU CALCULATE HOW MUCH YOU WILL NEED FOR YOUR SPECIAL EVENT)
Full Hydrating directions are included.
Please Visit our store to view 10 different colors.
This gem of a product creates glimmering floral or candle arrangements in clear vases and bowls. Ideal for candle, silk and fresh flower arrangements. Use for weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations, etc. Easy to use – just add water. Layer your favorite colors for stunning effects. The “purer” the water, the larger the crystals will grow. Distilled water is the best.

Fresh and Silk Flower Arrangements: Crystal Accents are ideal for use in fresh flower arrangements in a crystal cut vase. Mix the polymer according to the preparation instructions. Allow crystals to completely hydrate in a separate container before adding to a vase for floral arrangements.
Floating Objects: Crystal Accents make a beautiful centerpiece. Simply fill a glass container (such as a brandy snifter) halfway with the hydrated polymers. Add a candle and place on a mirror for extra shimmer.
Ice/Heat Packs: Crystal Accents and Soil Moist polymers can be used as reusable ice or heat packs. Mix the polymer according to the preparation instructions. Allow crystals to completely hydrate and place in a plastic baggie (e.g. zip-lock or heat sealed). Place the baggie in the refrigerator/freezer or microwave for desired application.
Cleansing Crystal Accents: If your polymer crystals become discolored or cloudy, simply empty into a colander or strainer and thoroughly rinse with warm or hot water and drain before reusing. Do not dispose of product through drains.


  • Promotion *(Buy 2 Get 1 Free) ***Get 1 free added to your order for every 2 you purchase*** Each 28 Gram Package Will Make over 3 Quarts (about a gallon) of Hydrated Water Crystals
  • This sale is for the color “Crystal Rose” …….Please Follow Directions Included With Every Purchase…**Each pack makes 3 quarts of hydrated water crystals
  • Ideal for candle Centerpieces , silk, dried, and fresh flower Centerpiece arrangements.
  • Please Visit our store to view 4 different styles of water crystals in 47 colors.
  • USA Made! ***Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in any of the other 9 colors of this great style water crystal