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Marathon Yard Rover – Wheelbarrow

Marathon Yard Rover 2 Pneumatic Tire Wheelbarrow Outdoor Utility Cart for Gardening, Lawn Care, and Landscaping with Durable Plastic Tray, Green
  • Perfect for residential gardening and landscaping
  • Minutes to assemble
  • Weighs about 25 percent less than a typical wheelbarrow
  • Loop handle allows users to push, pull or dump the contents
  • Features two, air-filled wheels, making it easier to lift, balance and maneuver

The Marathon Yard Rover Wheelbarrow, with 5 cubic feet capacity, is perhaps the most popular poly wheelbarrow on the market today. One of it’s biggest advantages is that it weighs 25% less than a typical 5 cubic feet capacity wheelbarrow!

Additionally, it is easy to assemble – assembly should only take a few minutes. Once it is together, you will notice that the handle is perfectly designed for ease of use and balance, whether you are pushing, pulling, or dumping.

Of course, the poly construction means that your Marathon Yard Rover literally cannot rust!

The large wheels ensure smooth operation even across relatively rough ground.  

If you need a spare Marathon Yard Rover wheel (all sizes):

Marathon 3.25-8" Replacement Inner Tube for Yard Rover Wheelbarrow Tire
  • Replacement Tube - Fits Green Yard Rover Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow
  • 4 ply rubber
  • Fix flats without having to buy a new tire.
  • See Tire Side Wall for Tire Load Capacity
  • Maximum inflation is 30 PSI. Inflate with manual pump only. Not for highway use.

The Marathon Yard Rovers feature air-filled wheels.  Depending on your service, you may need to replace a wheel every now and then.  Thankfully, this is fairly inexpensive and really easy!  Marathon makes replacement wheels for the Marathon Yard Rovers easy to buy.

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