Garden Winds Universal Two-Tiered Replacement Gazebo Canopy, RipLock 350


(as of 03/15/2020 at 22:41 UTC)

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Garden winds product and shopping advice: this is a universal gazebo canopy. This canopy has been designed to provide a general fit, not a custom fit, for most first generation square 10′ x 10′, two-tiered gazebos. It is possible that this canopy may not fit your gazebo properly. Garden winds encourages you to first try to identify and purchase one of the custom fit canopies on our website for your gazebo. If a custom canopy is not available, then you should consider a universal canopy for your gazebo. Remember, no matter which universal canopy you purchase, there is a good chance that the fit will not be perfect. This is the downside to buying universal canopies. They are cheaper, but the fit will not be perfect. For some gazebos, this canopy might sag, for others, it might be too tight, yet for some, it will be a perfect fit. The shopping process for replacement gazebo canopies is always to first search for a custom fit canopy . If a custom designed canopy is not available for your gazebo, then buy a generic universal canopy like this one. We ask that you buy this canopy with the full knowledge that it might not fit your gazebo perfectly.riplock – this replacement canopy is made from garden winds’s high performance riplock 350 fabric. Reinforced grid lines are embedded and sewn into the fabric to prevent a canopy from ripping prematurely. Garden winds is the trusted and leading manufacturer of replacement canopies for gazebos and swings. Dimensions: the top tier measures 36″ x 36″. The outer perimeter of the main canopy is 120″ x 120″. Mosquito net lining between top and bottom tier. Polymer coating for protection against uv rays from sun and increased durability. Velcro straps allow easy installation and attachment to gazebo. This product is water resistant, not water proof. Sixteen anti-rust brass grommet rings to ensure proper water drainage. Designed for a square gazebo, not a hexagon gazebo.


  • Replacement canopy fabric for 10′ x 10′, two-tiered metal gazebos
  • Like all universal canopies, a perfect fit is not guaranteed
  • This product is water resistant not water proof.Please read product description carefully before purchasing!
  • This is a universal replacement canopy.This canopy will likely not provide a perfect fit for your gazebo, and may require some modifications on your own.For some gazebos, it will fit perfectly, for some, it will fit loose, for some, it will fit tight.
  • Please consider carefully prior to purchasing.