Cohasset 133 Medium Plain Antique Wind Chime

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**Beware of counterfeit Cohasset wind chimes. Authentic Cohasset wind chimes are only shipped from North America and Europe, never Asia. Also read Amazon’s policy regarding buying form foreign countries. Shipping from foreign countries does not include Customs charges or duty. These charges will be several time the value of the wind chimes and the customer is responsible for these charges. Be safe, please buy authentic Cohasset products that are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.** Enjoy the low resonant tones of bamboo tubes gently rustling together creating a breezy island symphony that relieves stress and soothes the soul. Our 17-inch coconut top simple wind chime has 6 hand tuned bamboo tubes. Each tube is stained a rich natural brown. Add the quiet calming sounds of nature to your favorite outdoor retreat today.


  • Each design is its own unique work of art
  • The bamboo tube is hand tuned for a warm relaxing tone
  • Made of ecofriendly, fast growing bamboo and coconut wood
  • Perfect as a gift for yourself or others
  • Hand crafted by artisans on the beautiful island of Bali