Chive – Big Tika, Large Succulent and Cactus Planter Pot – 5″ Ceramic Flower and Plant Container with Drainage Hole and Detachable Saucer Great for Indoor/Outdoor Garden Decor


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Pots with drainage holes seem to have vanished over the past decade and this makes no sense to me unless you are really good with watering your plants. That’s why I was so happy to find Chive’s Tika Pots and Saucers.

You have a plant pot, now what? You need to get yourself a plant!

I tend towards succulents because succulent rule! Most grow slowly which I like because they won’t outgrow my favorite pot too quickly. There is no Rock Star succulent, they all equally rule. I generally pick my plant based on its color and texture and what will look best in my planter. Some of my all time favorites are Echeveria Elegance, Panda Plant, Aloe, Burro’s Tail, Haworthia, Agave

Now you need to get it into the planter, and this is how you’ll do it:

1. Having a pot with a drainage hole will save you a lot of work. If your pot doesn’t have a drainage hole you will want to start with a layer of drainage rock on the bottom, then a layer of horticultural charcoal.
2. If you have a hole in your pot skip Step 1 and move on to dirt! Pick the proper soil (succulent/cacti soil) or (tropical soil aka regular potting mix).
3. Make a little hole in the dirt and gently place your new plant baby inside. You will notice that succulents have dainty little roots. You’ll want to gently loosen the existing soil from them before planting, and gently cover them with the new soil in your pot, gently pressing the soil down over them.
5. Succulents thrive on neglect. Give it a home with an indirect light source and that isn’t too cold or drafty. And don’t over water it, once a week is enough for most environments. If you’re in a humid area, you can push that out to two weeks.


  • ATTRACTIVE MODERN DESIGN: Designed by Chive, the Big Tika flower pot has a unique and elegant design that can be used to add a modern decorative touch and some natural greenery to your indoor or outdoor space
  • INDOOR PLANT CONTAINER: The Big Tika comes in 9 color ways and is the perfect way to add color and liven up your living space with indoor plants.
  • UNIQUE SUCCULENT POT FOR STYLISH HOME DECOR: I offer this item in a ton of colors AND in an adorable 3″ small size for your mini cactus, succulents and mini orchids. I even have a fun bulk 6 pack of the small pot size, visit my Storefront to see all the options.
  • DRAINAGE POT WITH SAUCER: The drainage hole on the pot along with the detachable tray makes watering your plants easy and will keep your plants happy. Each Big Tika will happily hold up to a 4″ succulent, or a small cluster of small plants.
  • Flowers and Plants Not Included / Each pot is 5″ in diameter and tall