Burley Clay Hand Painted Bluebird Ceramic Bird Bath


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Add some charming whimsy to your garden with the Burley Clay Hand Painted Bluebird Ceramic Bird Bath. Crafted of ceramic, this pedestal bird bath features a glazed interior and handpainted bluebirds near the base. The base also bears the inscription ”A bluebird in the garden brings happiness to the home,” a perfect mantra for bird lovers everywhere! About Burley Clay Located in Roseville, Ohio, Burley Clay Products has manufactured garden pottery and bird baths since 1933. Proudly designed by craftsmen in a range of styles, from traditional to modern and sophisticated, Burley’s planters are produced using reliable methods spanning from high-tech hydraulics to age-old handmade molding. The key to their quality lies in the fact that at Burley Clay, the artisans understand their materials as well as the needs of their customers; the result is high-quality, long-lasting planters that stand the tests of time and weather. Burley Clay planters are proudly made in America and sold across the United States and Canada. A Note About Burley Clay’s Unique Process Burley Clay uses several different production methods to produce their stoneware. From high-tech hydraulic and ram presses to the craftsmanship required in jiggering and casting, their production methods differ significantly but share certain features ñ an emphasis on quality, efficiency, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Certain production methods require thicker, more solid clay, while others demand a thinner, more liquid consistency. The processes carefully clean and mix the clay blend at a perfect consistency specific to each production method. One of the methods Burley Clay employs today is a rarely found ”lost art” form known as jiggering. It’s an old-fashioned, hand-made process used to create several of their larger items, such as birdbaths, pedestals, and planters.


  • Charming ceramic birdbath
  • Adorned with hand painted bluebirds and a branch
  • Reads ”A bluebird in the garden brings happiness to the home”
  • Bath has a glazed interior
  • Stable lock-top design
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