Agribon AG-19 Floating Row Crop Cover / Frost Blanket / Garden Fabric Plant Cover


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Product Description

Stronger grade to last longer. Provides up to 4º +F frost protection for valuable, frost-sensitive perennials and sensitive vegetables.

AgribonTM floating row covers have all the qualities of other brands, while being more affordable and with seams double-bonded for ultra-strength. These floating rowcovers increase yields, prolong seasons, reduce soil erosion, protect against frost, speed up germination, minimize wind damage, conserve soil moisture, deter insects and birds and protect against extreme temperatures.

High quality spun-bonded polypropylene cover is light enough (0.55 oz./sq.yd.) to be laid directly over plants without hoops or frames but strong enough to withstand light to moderate wind and other stress. No need to remove it during the season because it is porous to water and air and has 85% light transmittance. It provides up to 4°F of frost protection, warms the soil and is a good pest barrier. It also conserves water by reducing evaporation. It is similar to other rowcovers but generally longer lasting. UV stabilizers increase expected field life to 2 to 3 seasons.


  • Acts as frost blanket and provides up to 4° F frost protection & 85% Light Transmission
  • Floating row cover provides frost, wind and organic insect control. Floating row cover traps heat and moisture to produce bigger, better and earlier crop yields.
  • Agribon® is useful for various crops such as melon, tomato, green pepper, hot peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberries and flowers, among others. It is also useful for the protection of tree fruits and berries.
  • Non-woven garden fabric cover, ultra-light and resistant to exposure to the environment; it allows light, water and air to pass through and is reusable
  • Agribon® helps to increase quality and production while, at the same time, moving forward the harvest date and extending the growing season.
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