25 SEEDS – Amaryllis St. Joseph’s Lily Hippeastrum


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  • This listing is for 25 seeds St. Josephs Amaryllis . Seeds are fresh and from this growing season. Place seeds in damp potting mix and cover lightly. Super easy to grow hardy plant.
  • The large, white lined, fragrant red trumpets of St. Joseph’s Lily are born atop thick sturdy stems in late spring. This is one of the very best and hardiest Amaryllis for the garden and readily multiplies into a mass of bulbs. A very easy and low maintenance perennial that has long been a staple of Southern gardens.
  • This semi-evergreen bulb multiplies rapidly to form masses of broad green strap-shaped leaves to 30 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide that can take on coppery tones when grown in full sun. In early April and May bulbs produce up to 4 stems that bear 4 to 6 flowers apiece. These flowers, with a spicy fragrance, have 6 gracefully recurved scarlet-red tepals, each with a central white stripe, producing a star like pattern in the center of the flower.
  • Plant this bulb in full to part sun and irrigate during dry summer months to maintain foliage or allow it to go dormant. This plant can thrive in heavy clays soils .
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