2 Bulbs Pair Red Amaryllis bulbs, 22/24cm

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Product descriptionProduct descriptionEven though they usually flower in early spring, Amayllis are one of the iconic plants of Christmas time as they make superb gifts. This pair of bulbs are supplied with pots and planting compost – all you need is water and a little care to raise two splendid flower plants. These large 22-24cm bulbs will produce one – often two – strong stems each bearing three or four blazing red trumpet blooms. Planted in December and kept in a cool well lit room they will bloom around March time and provide interest throughout as the stems steadily emerge and blooms unfurl. Perfect as room decoration these Amayllis can also be cut as a trendy addition to a modern floral vase. They’re easy to grow – just plant using the pots and provided bulb compost such that the top third of the bulb is above compost, water occasionally and watch it happen!


  • The perfect Christmas present – everything you need to grow two stunning red Amaryllis flower plants – just add water!
  • These large bulbs will give one, often two, strong stems each bearing 3 or 4 blazing red trumpet blooms.
  • Perfect in the supplied pots they can also be cut for inclusion in fashionbly modern floral arrangements.
  • Simple to grow, once potted all they need is an occasional watering, and fascinating to behold as the flower stem slowly emerges.
  • Two large bulbs