#1 Hypoallergenic Down ALTERNATIVE ALL YEAR Comforter | CLIMABALANCE World-Wide Patented Design | Improves Deep Sleep Phases by 50% | Sensofill Virgin Polyester

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Gebr. Sanders has been manufacturing high quality linen and textile for generations. Since 1885 the northern Germany based, family owned company Gebr. Sanders focused on duvets, comforters, pillows, bed sheets and other bedding products. Sanders is the leading manufacturer in Europe for premium quality duvets and comforters and is a trusted supplier for major retail companies. 125 years and numerous generations later Sanders is expanding its operations and is offering the most innovative bedding products to U.S. customers. The ClimaBalance product line is a revolution in the bedding industry, which was reluctant to innovation for years and decades. The worldwide patented ClimaBalance technology enables rapid humidity transportation. Both, humidity and heat are the main cause for movement during sleep phases. Have you ever stuck out your leg from below your comforter because it was to hot? Exactly, it’s the most common and natural movement. It can be an active movement while we are awake, but even more often it’s a passive and unnoticed action while sleeping. Simply said every movement reduces our sleep quality. The ClimaBalance technology that has been tested and developed by leading sleep researchers counteracts movement by reducing humidity and heat. The material and design regulates both to ensure less movement and therefore improves sleep quality. In scientific words: rapid eye movement (REM) phases are reduced. Multiple conducted studies from leading german universities showed the same result: “The evaluation of sleep logs with ClimaBalance products revealed a significant reduction of the falling asleep period, less disruptions through movement, a lower need for sleep during the day and an overall improvement of the subjectively experienced sleeping quality.”


  • UNIQUE & WORLD-WIDE PATENTED DESIGN by the leading German based duvet and linen manufacturer Gebr. Sanders (est. 1885). IMPROVES DEEP SLEEP phases up to 50%. Tested and developed in numerous independent university facilities. HEAT IS THE #1 cause for light and bad sleep. The special warmth adjustable mesh baffles allow the right amount of heat and humidity to escape so you don’t overheat when sleeping. Stops you from sticking out a leg and movement reduces sleep quality.
  • LUXURY MEDIUM WARMTH Comforter | TRANSPORTS HUMIDITY 3x FASTER than a regular comforter. 1st image APPEARS slightly fluffier!
  • 100% HYPOALLERGENIC MICROFIBER FILL – super light, fluffy and cozy. MACHINE WASHABLE at 140 °F / 60 °C. For optimal performance use with DUVET COVER.
  • On average we sleep 24 years of our lives and sleep with a comforter every night. Let’s make sure we improve your sleep, productivity and overall well-being with proven Climabalance® technology. Officially licensed product of Sanders GmbH.