Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture – Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever been to a Caribbean island and loved all of the beautiful furnishings? Ever wish you could bring a little of that back home with you? Now you can bring that carefree island feeling into your backyard living area with rattan patio furniture. Rattan is a cane like plant that grows in the tropics and is known for its strength and durability.

What Is Rattan?

In the past, Rattan furniture would not be considered all-weather outdoor furniture, rather it was for indoor use only due to its high maintenance to keep it looking good. However, due to the new process of coating the rattan and wicker with a durable resin coating, beautiful outdoor rattan and wicker furniture is now practically maintenance free.

What Are The Advantages Of Wicker And Rattan Chairs?

Wicker is a process, in most island cultures, of weaving together any plant-like material to form baskets, mats, hats or furniture. On the other hand, Rattan is a type of cane, bendable and strong enough to form durable furniture.

How to Choose the Best Rattan Furniture?

For a different look, you may also want to try bamboo patio furniture. Previously, all of these products would need upkeep, rubbing oil into the dry wicker and constant cleaning to keep the dirt from the weave. If you have ever owned this type of furniture, then you would understand the importance of upkeep.

The time that you spend cleaning your outdoor wicker chairs, especially your white wicker outdoor furniture, can now be a thing of the past. With resin coated wicker and rattan. all you will have to do is wipe or hose it down for that new look and you will be done.  You would not want to have the embarrassment of having your guests poked by a piece of broken wicker, or having flaked white paint shed all over them.


Is This Kind Of Furniture Right For All Locations?

Wicker and Rattan furniture have never been more durable and easy to care for than they are now. With the current selection of weather outdoor furniture, you will make your outdoor living area as comfortable and stylish as your own indoor furnishings. The resin coated wicker and rattan will be able to hold up under all types of weather, with no damage to the furniture.

If you were looking for something that says “beach”, you may want to try resin Adirondack chairs. They are guaranteed against twisting and they are mold and mildew resistant. They will also stand up to rain, wind and salt spray. And, if that wasn’t enough they are also made with special-formulated Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers. This sturdy but comfortable resin patio furniture will liven up your outdoor living space with splashes of colors.

You may also want to consider Siesta Poly Outdoor Furniture. It feels good to sit in and stronger than other poly furniture and you can buy with confidence. Siesta Poly Outdoor Furniture has a Lifetime Warranty against cracking, chipping, splintering, peeling, rotting, and insect infestation.

When you think of a beautiful southern porch, you think of lemonade, soft breezes and a wicker porch swing. With resin wicker outdoor furniture you can have that beautiful new look all year long. This low maintenance attractive swing will be the envy of all your neighbors. No repainting or sanding for this comfy swing, giving you time for making family memories with your new resin porch swing.

Are Outdoor Wicker Chairs Worth The Price?

Not painted wicker chairs, they will require sanding and repainting, season after season. The outdoor wicker with a resin coating will definitely pay for itself in no time.  No maintenance, just think of the time you would spend cleaning and maintaining your old rough, scratchy non-resin covered wicker chairs or rattan outdoor furniture.

With resin coated wicker or rattan the time you spent cleaning your non-resin coated outdoor wicker chairs especially your white wicker outdoor furniture will be a thing of the past. Now all you will have to do is wipe it off or hose it down for that new look and you are done!

Outdoor Wicker Rattan Furniture by Jordan Beigelow on Unsplash
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