Wooden Planters

There are many benefits of using wooden planter boxes. One of the most common reasons why people have at least one planter box in their garden is the ease of moving these lightweight wooden boxes around. If your plant needs shade or sun, you can easily put it in a place where it can soak up what it needs. If it’s winter and you know your plant isn’t going to survive the harsh conditions, you can simply carry your plant into the warmth of your own home. You can also add casters to large outdoor planters, so you can roll them around instead of carrying them.
Wooden planters also protect your plants from extreme temperatures. In the summer, when temperatures can soar to an almost intolerable heat, the wooden boxes will keep your plants from getting too hot. That’s because wood is an insulator that slows down the heat from seeping into the soil and into the roots of your plants.

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