A greenhouse is a wonderful addition to any garden, whether you’re just starting out with gardening as a new hobby or you’ve been growing and caring for your beloved plants since you could stand upright. We have an assortment of greenhouse kits and portable greenhouses at Please browse through our collection because we’re sure you’ll find at least one thing that suits your needs and preferences.  We love our 5 X 9 Portable Greenhouse.  It fits perfect over one of our raised bed gardens.
If you’re not yet sure if you need a greenhouse, consider the benefits you can get from buying and setting up one.  You’ll have your plants happy all year round. What this means for vegetable gardeners is you will always have a full supply of freshly picked carrots, potatoes, cabbages or whatever veggies you’re growing and serve it on your kitchen table come Christmas time. Plus, you won’t have to go out into the cold when you’re tending your plants in your portable greenhouse.

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