woman with apron on among flowers, garden aprons

Gardening Aprons

Gardening Aprons

The word “apron” is derived from the French word “naperon”, which means a napkin or tablecloth. Today, aprons have evolved from simple, white cloths to accommodate various needs. They run the gamut of designs, sizes and uses as different professions require the use of protective gear. You might think that aprons are used only in the kitchen, but plenty other people also use aprons.

When you’re out in your garden and you’re digging up soggy soil or trimming a stubborn shrub of roses, wearing a protective gardening apron can keep you clean and safe.

Take a look at the following uses of gardening aprons:

  • It protects your clothes from dirt, mud, and soil while you’re doing your digging tasks.
  • It has several pockets that can store and carry your trowels, shears, weeders, and other hand garden tools you like to bring around.
  • It is a bacterial shield that protects you from whatever disease-causing pathogens may be present in your garden soil.