Ceramic Planters

Ceramic Planters, whether they be glazed planters or unglzazed terra cotta pots can add an air of classic refinement to your home garden. Ceramic pots are beautiful. They range from simple and elegant to elaborate, unique, and hand-crafted.

Terra cotta and ceramic flower pots provide insulation

Plants are subject to the sudden changes in temperature. If it suddenly turns hot, your plants can suffer from having to adapt abruptly to extreme temperatures. Both terra cotta and ceramic pots help alleviate this problem by protecting your plants from sudden changes in temperature. Unlike plastic planters, these pots are made from clay, which is a thick material that can hold the heat of the sun. Your plants are better off in clay flower pots because these containers slow down the transfer of heat between the soil and its surroundings.

Ceramic Planters don’t fall over

Ceramic pots have the perfect weight. They are light enough for transferring to other places in your garden, but they are also heavy enough so they don’t topple off when strong winds blow into your garden.

The main difference between terra cotta pots and glazed ceramic planters is that terra cotta pots are porous, whereas glazed ceramic pots retain water.

Terra cotta pots, or unglazed ceramic pots, allow air and water to seep in and out easily through the walls of the pot. Controlling the amount of air and water your plants get is important. The roots of any plant need oxygen for the plant to survive. They also need water, but too much water for certain plants can also be a problem. If you have a heavy hand at watering, I suggest you get terra cotta pots because they have excellent wicking properties that will absorb the excess moisture from the soil. This is especially useful in the summer when it tends to get too hot. Terra cotta allows any excess hot water to evaporate from out of the soil to cool down the roots of the plant.  

On the other hand, water-loving plants like hibiscus, lily of the valley and sweet azalea will fare better when planted in one of our glazed ceramic pots. Glazed ceramic pots can hold more water better than terra cotta pots. Still, it is important than even a glazed pot be able to drain out excess water since too much moisture can actually hurt your plants. Our wide array of beautifully painted ceramic pots have holes at the bottom for better drainage, so you can still use them even for plants that like well-drained soil.


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Showing 1–12 of 35 results