Bird Baths

A bird bath is a shallow pond, an artificial puddle, or a water basin filled with clean water and placed in your garden. The bird bath serves as a supply of fresh clean drinking water to birds. In addition, birds also cool off during the hot summer season and drought period in the bird bath. Many birds are having a hard time finding a good source of clean drinking water. By having a bird bath in your garden, you have provided that elusive source of clean and fresh drinking water that many birds are searching for. Therefore, these birds will be attracted to your garden just like they are attracted to flowers with nectar.
Bird baths come in different forms, shapes, and designs. The simplest model of bird bath is the ground bird bath. This bird bath is simply a basin placed on the floor, although there are other sophisticated designs of this model that comes with a fountain or a dripper. The round bath is important for the supply of water to large birds such ducks and quails. The pedestal bird bath is the most popular type of bird bath. Pedestal bird baths have water basins that are suspended from the ground by well-built and powerful stands. This model of bird bath comes in different designs, shapes, and styles.

The hanging bird bath is quite similar to the pedestal bird bath; both bird baths are elevated from the ground. However, while the basin of the pedestal bird bath has a well-built stand that attaches it to the ground, the basin of the hanging bird bath is hung to a tree branch or any other place with a cord or chain.
The fountain bird bath is like a fountain with moving, spraying, or bubbling water. This bird bath also comes with a shallow water basin. The moving water and the noisy sound of the fountain make this bird bath a great choice for attracting birds. You can use any of these bird baths to attract birds to beautiful landscaped garden. As long as the bird bath is kept neat and the water is kept clean, the birds will be flocking to your garden to have a drink and cool off in the your bird bath while entertaining you with their melodic voice and beautiful sight. 

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