artificial christmas tree

Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas trees have been used as a holiday decoration since the 12th Century, but the first artificial Christmas tree was introduced in Germany and made of dyed goose feathers. Over the years artificial trees have changed from stylistic to incredibly realistic. With no dropped needles, and available in every size imaginable, an artificial Christmas trees can be a good choice for your home.

In years past, artificial Christmas trees looked fake. In some instances this was intentional – the branches were made of silver aluminum so that they glittered and sparked on their own – no decorations required! After that, the trees were made to mimic real trees, but still had a plastic fake vibe. They were a poor substitute for a real tree.

Today, it is completely different. With improved manufacturing methods, however, today’s artificial trees can appear to be quite real. You don’t have to worry about getting a sharp needle in your foot, or the watering the tree, or the tree drying out, or disposing of the used tree. Artificial Christmas trees unpack easily at the beginning of the season, and can be repacked to be used year after year.

flocked christmas tree
Flocked trees have become popular.

They come in various sizes. You can choose a small table top model, or a large one for your living room. It your space is small, you can find a tree that is narrow. If you have the room, then you can go wide. If you have the height, then you can go tall. You can choose short or long needles. You can have sparse or dense branches. The variations are nearly limitless. Choose your artificial Christmas Tree from our large selection.