garden arbor


Walking through an arbor or a pergola as they enter into your yard is a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home and to create a unique look that all of your neighbors will notice. Whether you choose a traditional wooden garden arbor or a more modern style of Asian or Italian type of pergola, this is one garden structure that will continue to pay off for years to come.

vine arbor over walkway

A garden feature that has been around since ancient Roman times is the pergola. It is a freestanding structure to shade a walkway, passageway, or seating area. It consists of four posts that support an open lattice of cross beams. Pergolas are much larger than arbors, and used for ambience and to shade an outdoor entertaining area. They make an excellent covering because they make filter the sun sot that you can have brightness with out heat. The pergola keeps the are shady, so it is not as hot, but the sun still shines through, so you get bright light.

Here at, we offer arbors and pergolas in many styles and price ranges. They can be made from wood, or vinyl, or metal. Traditional arbors are made of wood and have an arched top. If you choose a pergola-style arbor, then it would have a squared off and flat top. Pergolas are usually made from wood.

pergola with grapes growing on it
Maybe wine making is your future

Once you have an arbor or a pergola, then you can decide whether it should be a stand alone centerpiece of beauty, or whether you want to plant vines or other plants that will, over time, interweave themselves among the slats and supports of the structure.