Potting bench

Potting Benches – What to Look For

If you tend to do a lot of gardening, then a potting bench is one of the best investments you will ever make. Although potting benches are highly decorative and unique products to having any garden, they also serve a very functional purpose for the avid gardener. Potting benches can help make gardening a lot more enjoyable, while also making it easier to manage all of the materials that you need on a regular basis.
In addition to the traditional potting bench, there are different styles available, including both an indoor and an outdoor storage bench, workbenches, a simple potting table, and a potting shed which is ideal for storing larger plants, soil, and equipment.

What Is A Potting Bench?

One of the most useful items that you will ever buy for your garden is a full-featured potter’s bench, that will enable you to keep all of your gardening items in one place. Most people will use potting benches for a place to pot and re-pot their plants, to trim smaller plants, and to keep all of their smaller gardening items together.
While you may use potting sheds or larger potting tables for storing potting soil, fertilizers, weed killers, and more, potting benches strike a balance between being fully functional places to do gardening and a place to store many different items. They usually have at least one drawer where you can keep seeds, trowels, and smaller items that you may use for your sprinkler system.

What Options Should You Consider?

When you are looking at potting benches, the first thing that you should consider is just how sturdy you want this to be. If you plan on using it a lot, then purchasing a sturdier, and longer lasting potting bench is important. On the other hand, some people use these primarily as decorative items in their yard, so sturdiness may not be all that important.
If the potting bench will be outside year-round, then you may also need to put some thought into the materials that it is made from. Most high quality potting benches are made from wood, though some of them are made from plastic and metal. If you are looking at a wood potting bench, then make sure you choose the kind of one that is going to be appropriate for the amount of moisture and heat that you get in your part of the country.

What Other Features Are There?

In addition to choosing the right size and type of wood, it may be worth looking into it potting bench that has multiple tiers, one that has a lattice top to make potting easier, or one that has pullout drawers. All of these features and more can be very helpful, depending on the type of gardening that you plan on doing, and just how functional you expect your potting bench to be.

What Materials Are Available?

When it comes to wooden potting benches, you will find them in cedar, fir, fine, teak, and cypress. While some of these are designed to be used without staining or painting, depending on what you choose, you may want to look into using some kind of weather protector so that the wood lasts longer in the moist weather.
If you have been searching for potting benches that are far more functional and less decorative, then a plastic or metal potting bench may be better. You can also buy potting bench with sinks, metal table tops, or simply a garden work table with a metal countertop.