Lawn Gnome

Lawn Gnomes and Garden Fairies

Lawn Gnomes and Garden Fairies can be as important to your outdoor ambiance as the flowers, trees and shrubbery that already make for a pleasant outdoor experience.
So when I think of lawn gnomes, I think of that commercial. I won’t mention it. Lawn gnomes resemble humans, are usually men, have pointy hats and don white beards. Gnomes have their origins in Germany.
Garden fairies conjure up a Tinkerbell image. They are mostly female, wear shear gown-like clothes, have wings, are generally barefoot and can have pointy ears.
Gnomes and fairies can be used in an abundance of ways to enhance yard ornaments, add character to your outdoor decorating ideas or be the unique garden décor you were missing.
A great way to enhance a lawn or garden’s bird bath is with a garden fairy. A fairy can be placed underneath the bird bath fountain or in a glass bird bath to present a classy look. You can also use a fairy to accent a hanging bird bath as a patio decorating idea. Gnomes can also be a fashionable addition to a bird bath. You placing your gnome next to the base of your ceramic bird bath on the patio. Gnomes can also be placed in concrete bird baths purely as décor with no water.
You can use garden fairies to create a fairy village with bird houses. If you are interested in the more do-it-yourself route, you can purchase bird house kits and/or gather bird house ideas from the world wide web and craft homemade bird houses. Using these methods makes for some unique bird houses. You can place some bird houses on the ground and some on limbs. You can create an entire scene of fairies moving in and out of the bird houses. Decorative birdhouses can be used as fairy houses and you can use painted bird houses for various shops in the fairy village. Making your own bird house means you can use various yard waste or recycled material. Your bird house could double as rustic outdoor décor by the time you’re finished. Of course there are many wonderful birdhouses you can purchase. Wooden birdhouses are the most popular. You can place fairies on top of or hang them from the perch of the bird house.
Let us not forget bird feeders. Getting a squirrel proof bird feeder might be top priority depending on where you live, how much you are invested in the birds survival and whether or not you have a cat. Again, you can go the homemade bird feeder route if you are feeling lucky. But if not, there are many great bird feeder options. If you purchase a window bird feeder, you have the luxury of seeing the birds up close and personal. Gnome or fairy decorations would need to be small and lightweight. To add variety and versatility you can use a bird feeder pole. This allows you to place the bird feeder almost anywhere in your yard you want. You can hang or place fairies about the pole. You can also place a trio of biker gnomes at the base as guardians. Beware squirrels.
When enhancing a garden or lawn with gnomes as an ornament, you can place the gnome in the front yard by the drive way, on a bench lounging in the flower bed or strategically by the bushes as a gatekeeper. A gnome can be used as a center piece for a patio table equipped with apron and barbeque fork. Gnomes can be used around the deck railing as guardians or ninjas. Mini gnomes are ideal for a Japanese garden w/ bonsai trees.
Since garden gnomes have a reputation of being pranked, creating funny garden gnome scenes would be ideal.  You can create a gnome garden scene such as revenge of the lawn gnomes in which the girl gnome falls head over heels for the gnome nerd after he vanquishes the garden trolls.  During Halloween, zombie lawn gnomes can break through your backyard gate and seize your young tricksters.  If you’re brave enough, you can position a University of Tennessee gnome in front of a University of Alabama gnome. Beware. One of those dudes will go missing.
You can create a gnome kingdom with lawn gnomes and garden fairies living in harmony. Is this how female gnomes come about? Gnomeo and Juliet are the rulers of the kingdom. There are only two stores: gnome gifts and gnome landscaping. Only mini gnomes work in the gnome gifts shop because of the gnomes with disabilities act.
Gardening tools used for placing and positioning gnomes in your garden vary widely, depending on the extent to which you want to gnome it up and the state of your lawn or garden.  Making a space for your garden gnome among your existing bed of flowers would generally require a garden spade or hoe and perhaps a rake.
If you are planning a full scale gnome village or if you have so many gnomes that you could put a gnomes for sale sign in your yard, I’d suggest breaking out the gardening knee pads, garden tool set and caddy.  If the area where you want to place the garden gnomes needs to be readied, you’ll need essential gardening tools such as a garden rake, spade, hoe and trowel. You may also need lawn edging tools and weeding tools.
Lawn Gnomes and Garden Fairies add to backyard décor, make for marvelous yard art ideas, create truly terrific outdoor accents and generate great garden ornaments.