How Many Head Pan of Sand Make a Wheelbarrow?

Short Answer:

4 Head Pans equal 1 wheelbarrow of sand


There are two very important facts about head pans (also spelled headpan) when contemplating measuring with headpans:

  1. Head pan is not a standard unit of measurement
  2. Head pans can be under filled
  3. Head pans can be over filled (by creating a “heaping” head pan, you can increase the volume by 30% or more

However, it is generally accepted that:

4 headpans = 1 wheelbarrow of sand

How Many Head Pan of Sand Make a Wheelbarrow
One Wheelbarrow of Sand is equivalent to Four Headpans

What is a Headpan

A headpan is a shallow bowl with or without handles. It is most often used in construction and agriculture to transport and move dirt, sand, mulch, and other products. It is carried by hand;. Whereas a wheelbarrow, with its larger bucket, wheel, and handles, makes it easier to transport dirt, sand, and mulch. Because the headpan is commonly used, however, knowing how many headpans are needed to fill a wheelbarrow is useful to know.

The word headpan is derived from the Old English word “headfopanne,” which means “skull.”

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