Holidays in the Garden

Metrosideros Christmas Bush in Australia

Australia Christmas Traditions and Customs

Every country has different traditions and celebrations around Christmas. Whether you’re visiting Australia during the holiday, have friends or family celebrating Christmas in Australia, or are just curious, Australian Christmas Traditions in Australia are very interesting. Christmas is Celebrated in Summer in Australia, Why? If you’re from the United States, it might be a little …

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Collapsible Snowman Decoration

Collapsible Snowman Decoration

This 6 feet tall decoration is the best Collapsible Snowman Outdoor Decoration around! You may point out that it’s the only Collapsible Snowman Decoration around, and you may be right, but it’s still great!

Garden of Michele and Denis Foley. Source:

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is upon us! What does this mean for us, how can we increase our enjoyment of this time of year, and what is a solstice anyway? The solstice, which is the longest day of the year for a hemisphere, is when either the northern or southern hemisphere is most tilted toward the …

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