Hammock Buying Guide

Hammock Buying Guide

If you have been wondering how to choose a hammock, you are in the right place.

What is the purpose of a hammock stand?

If you are going to purchase a hammock, depending on the kind that you buy, you may also need to purchase a hammock stand. Hammock stands act as the frame to place your hammock on. One thing to consider when purchasing a hammock is whether it is going to be for a single or double hammock. This can make all the difference. The steel frames for double hammocks are built to be much more durable than the ones that are used for single hammocks. Failure to buy the proper hammock stand can result in injury if the stand breaks, which is not a fun thing to happen to anyone. 

Can a hammock be more comfortable than a bed? 

This really depends on your own sleep preferences. In some countries, the only means that they have to sleep is in some form of hammock. Largely known for their leisure, during the day time there can be few things more comfortable than spending the day laying around in a hammock. You cannot do this with a bed, which are forced to remain indoors because of many common sense issues. A hammock chair can even more comfortable for some people than a traditional. The thought of hanging off of the ground is enough to make anyone uncomfortable. 

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What are the benefits of a portable hammock?

Well obviously the main benefit of a portable hammock is the fact that it is portable. It does not matter where you travel, you can easily take your hammock with you camping, to a friends place or on the road. They also have the benefit of being easily installed at your home. This can be very convenient for the times that you want to lounge around during the summer time but do not want to keep your hammock up at all times. 

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How are Mayan hammocks made?

Though the Mayans did not use hammocks during their classic era, they did manage to experience the relaxation that they offered a little less than two centuries prior to the Spanish conquest. The origin of hammocks for the Mayans stem from the Caribbean. Mayan hammocks were typically created on a loom and were hand woven by men, women and even children. To the Mayans in the capital of Yucatan, hammocks held a symbolic and cultural significance, with hammock hooks even in the walls of the most humble homes. It was not uncommon to even have several hammocks to use as seating, beds, or even sleep swings for young infants.

In current times, Mayan hammocks are just one of many styles of hammocks that are available. There are many more available that range in their colors, pattern, and size. Other common hammock styles include spreader-bar, Brazilian, naval, Jungle hammocks, and travel hammocks to just name a few.

Hammock Buying Guide
Hammock Buying Guide

Are double hammocks the largest kind of hammocks? 

When it comes to the world of hammocks, you are not limited to enjoying their benefits just by yourself. A single hammock is definitely the most common kind hammock. However you do not have to limit yourself to just using a single hammock, there are also double hammocks that are available from many retailers online. If a double hammock is still not enough, a three person hammock can also be created. There are actually blue prints available on the internet to create your own three person hammock. 

What do I need to look for when buying a cotton hammock?

There can be many differences in various cotton hammocks. A hammock that is made out of lower quality cotton is not going to be nearly as durable. Hammocks made out of high quality cotton are going to give you much more for your money and time. Typically, Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks are crafted from either cotton or nylon string. They are carefully woven to create a supportive net. Another thing to look for when you buy a cotton hammock, one of the main differences between Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks, is how loose the weave of the material is. Mayan hammocks tend to be woven in a looser fashion than their Nicaraguan counterparts.

How can I build a tree hammock?

One of the coolest things about hammocks is that they can easily be built. All that you really need is two trees, some rope and a net that is strong enough to support your weight. However, there is plenty of information available on the internet to create a much complex hammock that does not require trees. Since hammocks can be created out of wood, it is possible to fashion a hammock stand yourself at home if you happen to be handy with wood work. It can be quite relaxing to chill out in a hammock that is of your own creation.