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Lawn Gnome

Lawn Gnomes and Garden Fairies

Lawn Gnomes and Garden Fairies can be as important to your outdoor ambiance as the flowers, trees and shrubbery that already make for a pleasant outdoor experience.   So when I think of lawn gnomes, I think of that commercial. I won’t mention it. Lawn gnomes resemble humans, are usually men, have pointy hats and […]


Garden Statue Buying Guide

What Kind Of Garden Statue Do You Want?   The first question that you may want to ask is precisely what kind of garden statue you want. Some people are looking for statue is going to make a real statement in their yard, while others want something that is a little more understated, or simply […]


All About Arbors

What Are Arbors? Most of us have walked into a yard and marveled at the beauty of an arbor that has been fully incorporated into a Garden. When roses or bougainvillea are climbing a wooden arbor, it can create a beautiful look in any garden. But, if you have gone looking for arbors at your […]