Fire Pit Buying Guide

Fire Pit Buying Guide

Fire pits are a great way to unwind after a trying day at work, or even just to sit around and enjoy the evening. You can roast marshmallows with the kids, cuddle up next to the heat or just enjoy drinks with your close friends. Let’s take a closer look at some of the questions you may have about them.

What are fire pits?

Fire pits are pits or containers that are used to build fires in on a patio or in a person’s backyard. There are also more mobile types that you can take on trips with you. Fire pits can be propane or wood fueled. The most basic difference between a propane fire pit and a regular fire pit is simply that propane is used for fuel, whereas fire pits would use wood.

Is a propane fire pit table something I should invest in?

If you are going to be spending a lot of time out at your fire pit and you don’t want a fire pit to be just a big hole in your yard then a propane fire pit table might be something that you would enjoy. Your may ask, Are propane fire pits safe? Any activity that involves fire will have an element of risk, but there are easy steps you can take to ensure people and especially children are kept safe. US Fire Administration guidance around wood stoves is a good place to start, but, in theory, it’s a good idea to apply the same safety measures as you would with a barbecue.

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Can I build my own outdoor propane fire pit?

Yes, it is entirely possible to build your own outdoor fire pit. All you need is a spot for it and whatever materials you are planning to make it from and the time to do it safely. You may want to check with the local planning department though to see if you need any sort of special license for it.

What makes a gas fire pit special?

The same thing that makes any fire pit special…the memories you make around it with your friends and family. How expensive are gas fire pits? Gas fire pits are really not that much more expensive at the initial purchase. However, you must keep in mind that when you want to build a fire in it, you will need to buy the gas to fuel it. This means that it could be a more expensive purchase in the long run.

Fire Pit Buying Guide
Fire Pit Buying Guide

Is a gas fire pit table an expensive fire pit accessory?

No because it is not an accessory. It is actually a table that the fire pit is built into so that you can have the benefits of a fire pit without the unsightliness of a big black hole in your lawn.

What can you do with outdoor fire pits?

What do you want to do with an outdoor fire pit? They are great for quiet nights staring into the fire, parties and even just enjoying the outdoors next to the fire. They are a great place to gather the family around and roast marshmallows.

What are some good outdoor fire pit ideas?

These come in a range of styles to suit most tastes, from the elaborate iron-work of a forest-inspired design to a simple, large dish – there are designs to suit most tastes and yard sizes.

Is a portable fire pit a feasible option for me?

That depends on you. Are you going to want to take it with you on camping trips or trips to the beach, picnics or any other outdoor excursions? If so, then it might be a feasible option.

What is a fire bowl?

A fire bowl is simply a large container that you can build a fire in safely. Is a fire pit bowl any different from a fire bowl, you may ask? The only real difference between a fire pit and a fire bowl is the shape and the name. In their base forms they serve the exact same purpose.

What are some backyard fire pit ideas?

There are a great many ideas for a backyard fire pit. If you are having trouble getting started, why don’t you take a look at some of the available options and decide if there are any that strike your fancy? You can get custom fire pits from any number of places. There are many home improvement stores and online websites that will sell unique and custom-made designs. Local artists who work with iron or other suitable materials may even take commissions should you want something truly bespoke.

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