Outdoor Bar Furniture

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Bar Furniture

How to Find the Right Bar Furniture?

Having a bar in your backyard can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of choices that you will need to consider when making your purchase. This information should be able to provide you with some advice as to what options are available and how to find a bar that is perfect for your lifestyle.

What Kind Of Bar Furniture Do You Need?

There are several sizes to consider, they come in bar height, balcony height, counter height or the spacious low deep seating outdoor furniture height. Do you need a table and at what height? How about an umbrella? Do you have a permanent bar and you are just looking for chairs to match? Do you need it to fold up and put away after the party? What style do you want, modern, southwest, Spanish, or just cozy colors to match the other areas of the yard.

Is All Outdoor Patio Bar Furniture The Same?

No, you will find that patio bars are not created equal. Some are permanent and have to be installed and contain sinks. Others may be portable, wheel off or fold up. Some are good in all climates and some are not.
The first place to go is into your backyard, think about where it would be best suited for your use. Next decide if it will be permanent to use all the time or temporary for an upcoming party. You will also want to decide what kind of material you want your patio bar to be in. There are so many that it can be overwhelming.  
Do you need material that is low maintenance with easy care or will this just be brought out of the garage for special occasions. How about outdoor bar stools, foldable or stationary? You can find sets in wicker, resin, wood or metal. Once you know how high, what product you want is the next decision, then color and finally price. Always do a price comparison and check the different warranties and return policies for each company that you are interested in buying from.

What Patio Furniture Bar Height Is Right For You?

Tall patio furniture is all the rage right now. But consider if the height is right for you. Consider if you have an existing patio furniture bar height to match or is this a totally new patio bar set? If so you will have to measure the height for your new chairs. Do you want them to swivel or be stationary, padded or plain, removable or not.
When considering outdoor furniture bar height, think about placement and guests. If your table height is 28″ to 30″ then your bar stool should be 18″ to 19″ high. Counter height patio furniture table is 36″ your stool height needs to be 24″ to 26″. Bar height is 40″ to 42″ with a recommended stool height of 30″. Also consider number of guests and comfort of the chairs and if the bar has a foot rail under the table if it is counter or bar height. Balcony height patio furniture table is 34″ high your chairs would then need to be 21″ to 24″ tall.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Choosing Bar Furniture?

Number one thing to keep in mind is how, where and when it will be used. Then the next decision will be the budget you want to stick to. Then the style or the look you want to bring into your outdoor living space, do you want southwest, pacific, Spanish or modern, then durability. How long is this guaranteed to last, what about fabric or the working parts of the chairs or table?
Table surface, glass, tile, wood or resin. Depending on who is making the purchase the price may be last and style may be first. Decide if you want removable padding or pillows for ease of cleaning or permanently attached ones. Also, do you want to keep the liquor in the bar, do you need room for ice or soft drinks. You may need shelves under the bar. Do you need to keep glasses in the bar or is this just a sit down bar or table where mixing drinks is not needed. Also, how many chairs can you fit under this bar or at this table? Can you buy a cover for it?

Is Tall Patio Furniture Right For Your Needs?

With tall patio furniture you are limiting your guests to only adults, and short adult guests may have a problem if there are no rails to rest their feet on or to get up and down on. Tall patio chairs and tables do feel more like a special occasion, and may be the right choice for you.
Consider your view, will you be able to see the landscape or ocean view better with a tall patio set, or will it just make you tall enough to look over the neighbor’s fence. A tall bar set is not as comfortable for relaxing as a deep seating outdoor furniture or a lower table and chairs for reclining.