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Benefits of a Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Having a raised garden bed is a cheap and easy way to grow your own plot of flowers or vegetables. You might think it’s better to just throw a handful of seeds into a random patch of land on your backyard, but the initial investment you make in buying and setting up a raised vegetable garden will give you better results in the future. Here are the reasons why it’s better to get an elevated garden bed:

Great for Starters

Elevated garden beds are a great way for children and gardening amateurs to grow into the hobby of gardening. If you have absolutely no experience with gardening, this is the way to go. Believe it or not, this raised garden bed requires no set up AT ALL. Simply lay it down on the area where you want your portable garden to grow and start adding soil. They delineate between the garden and the yard – especially helpful if you have children.

Better Gardening Conditions

Raised flower beds allow you to control conditions to ensure that your plants get the best care from you. Some raised bed gardens have their own animal barriers so that any pests coming in from the ground or above ground are kept away. You can also provide weed barriers between the raised planter boxes and the ground to prevent weeds from creeping their way into your plants’ spaces. They also provide good soil drainage, even with our vertical garden cells, and prevent soil compaction.

Basil Growing in Raised Bed Garden by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Basil Growing in Raised Bed Garden Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Good for Seniors Too

Gardening is not easy. You have to spend hours upon hours bending and crouching while tending to your beloved plants. That doesn’t sound so good for seniors who love caring for their plants but suffer the aches and pains of hunkering down to the ground so much. With raised flower beds, you don’t have to bend at all. If you love gardening but hate the backaches that come with it, try a raised bed garden.


Bring Your Garden Everywhere

You can place your portable garden beds anywhere. They are perfect for small backyards and apartments. You can even place them in sunlit corridors, patios, rooftops and balconies for decoration.