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8 Essential Garden Tools Every Gardener Needs In His Garden Tool Kit

Variety of Garden Tools

What’s your favorite garden tool? I am guessing your favorite garden tool might be different from mine. When it comes to the picking a favorite garden tool among the several different tools that can be used for gardening, it is different strokes for different folks. Your preferred garden tools might be different from that of the next man.
Some other people might find the same tools that make pruning, digging, growing, and harvesting easy and effortless to you very uncomfortable. The geographical region, the climatic conditions, and the season also play a huge role in the choice of tools use for gardening. And of course, a good garden tote is very helpful to transport your tools.
Without further ado, then, here are some of the essential and must-have garden tools that everyone must have at arm reach anytime he/she decides to get dirty in the garden. These tools must be part of every garden tool kits.

  1. Scissors: True gardeners always have a pair of scissors close by anytime they are working at their gardens. How can you easily trim dead flowers, cut a string, shear herbs, open a packet of seed, open a bag of potting soil, and harvest small vegetables such as peppers without a scissors? Well, you can still do all these things without a pair of scissors, but the tasks will be tedious and difficult? Of course, as you are quite aware, no one enjoys doing tasks the hard way when there is a simple and easy way to accomplish the same tasks.
    A pair of scissors makes the trimming of dead flowers, the cutting of string, the shearing of herbs, and the harvesting of vegetables like peppers easy and effortless. Any type of scissors – whether it is the plain household scissors or the heavy duty garden scissors that come with plastic handle – can comfortably and easily do these tasks.

  3. Garden Spade: The spade is very similar to the shovel, although the head of the spade has a square shape and its handle is little bit shorter than that of the shovel. Garden Spades are very useful for digging plant holes, digging ridges, removing grasses, edging beds, and transferring soil from part of the garden to another.
    When in the market for a spade, you should go for a spade with a steel head, wooden or fiberglass handle, and a sturdy footrest. Good quality spade doesn’t come cheap, so you should be prepared to splash the cash. It is worthy to note that a good quality garden spade is capable of serving you throughout your gardening life.

  5. Garden Trowel: Trowels are excellent for cultivating small herbs, vegetables and most annual plants. This garden tool is also great for digging out weeds and mixing of manures.
    There are many different types of garden trowels available in the market; you will be surprised for choice when you are shopping for a good hand trowel in the market. Although it might consume a considerable chunk of your gardening budget, a hand trowel that is made from forged stainless steel is the best for gardening. This type of garden trowel is very strong and durable and comes with a rubber-plated handle that ensures comfortable grip. If your budget cannot afford a forged stainless steel hand trowel, then go for a trowel with a stainless steel head and strong handle; this type of trowel is still strong and durable.

  7. Gardening Hoe: The standard garden hoe, the stirrup hoe, and the super thin hoe (designed to be used in tight spaces) are among the several different types of garden hoes available in the market today. The type of garden you own determines the type of hoe you will use on your garden. The standard garden hoe and the stirrup hoe are the preferred choices for vegetable gardeners because these hoes are excellent for removing weeds located between rows of vegetables. The super thin models of hoes are more useful than the standard garden hoe and stirrup hoe to gardeners who cultivate perennial plants in their gardens. Perennial gardens – especially those that fully filled with perennial plants – requires delicate touch during weeding; the super thin hoes are tailor made for weeding activities that requires delicate touch.

  9. Garden Rakes: Garden rakes are excellent for cleaning beds during the spring and for raking away fallen leaves during the autumn season. Though quite cheap, rakes made of plastic are sturdy and are effective for raking fallen leaves and other debris in the garden. For perennial gardens, bamboo and steel rakes are more effective for raking away debris without destroying emerging plants.  You can even find adjustable rakes that allow you to control the width of the rake head.  These are great for working in tight areas.

  11. Hand Cultivator: The hand cultivator is very useful for the removal of small weeds and tilling of the soil in garden beds and garden containers. A model with a steel head and a wooden handle or one made from forged stainless steel is strong, reliable and durable.

  13. Garden Pruners: Garden pruners are extremely useful for garden jobs like trimming of dead leaves, removal of spent foliage, and shearing of herbs. When in the market for garden pruners, go for a model that you can easily dismantle for cleaning and sharpening. Since you might be using your garden pruners a lot, you should look for a model that will fit your hand perfectly. Of course you don’t want a swollen and painful hand after trimming the dead leaves, shearing the herb, and removing the spent foliage in your garden.

  15.  Saw: A saw is useful for cutting down small trees and woody shrubs and for pruning and shaping trees. Your needs determine the type of saw that you will use in your yard of garden. For example, if you have a lot of small trees in your yard, then the bow saw is the type of saw you need to cleanly and easily manacure these trees.