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5 Ways to Enhance the Beauty of Your Yard or Patio

Pots and Planters

Gardening can be an exciting adventure. There are several garden accents that you can add to your garden to enhance the experience that you have while visiting your garden.

  1. Add garden gnomes
  2. One of the several ways in which you can enhance your garden is to add several garden gnomes to accent your garden. Gnomes are cute little garden creatures that live among your plants and flowers. Gnomes come in all shapes and sizes and can grow their community within your garden. Many gardeners add gnomes to their flower beds to share in the experience of the flowers and plants. They tend to add more life to a garden community. The gnomes take on their own characteristics and share a different type of story and world of living among the garden plants. Gnomes can be miniature garden fairies that share their lives with the yard gnomes that decorate and create an extra special experience in your garden. They are an enjoyable addition to any garden.
    When you are creating your garden it is important that you have the proper gardening tools and equipment to work in your garden. This includes having a proper garden shovel, garden hoe, and garden spades to dig into the dirt and plant those special, beautiful plants. Wearing proper garden gear will also help you to have an enjoyable experience while you create and grow your garden. Wearing a sun hat, and or a sun visor will assist you in keeping the sun out of your eyes. Many gardeners also wear a bandana around their necks to help keep the sweat from bothering them.  It is also important to cover up from the sun, so you do not get sun burn while working in your garden. Many gardeners wear large straw hats, or beach hats to keep the sun off of them.
    You may also need to use pruning shears for some trees and plants, to keep your garden from over growing, and to keep looking neat and kept during the gardening season. You may also need a rake after you till the soil, and pull all the weed and roots out from the garden. This helps to keep the soil in good working condition for the plants to grow and the roots to grow deep and strong. Cultivating the soil can be hard work but it is important to keeping your plants healthy and strong. Remember when planting your seeds to also use a trowel to move the soil and create rows that are evenly apart to ensure your plants have plenty of space to grow. This ensures that your plants will be healthy and strong throughout the season.

  3. Utilize Patio Furniture
    Decorating and organizing your garden can be loads of fun. You can use patio furniture to create a peaceful space for you and loved ones to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden. It can also be relaxing to rest after working in your garden with a fresh glass of lemonade. Many gardens are designed to decorate the backyard as an oasis from the world. Creating a decorative garden can be exciting, as you can use all kinds of materials.

  5. Decorate with Lawn Art
    Many people use metal lawn art to decorate their backyards. You can also use rustic garden décor to create a vintage atmosphere for your garden. Adding a whimsical feel to your garden can be creative if you use some Japanese inspired art to give it that Asian motif if that inspires you. Decorating your garden in the style and way in which you like is very important. Gardeners should be careful to take some special time to plan what type of feeling they would like to have when visiting their garden, so it is decorated with an inspiring theme.

  7. Add Bird Feeders and Bird Baths
    Some Gardeners enjoy adding bird feeders, and bird baths to their gardens. This invites birds to join in sharing their songs in your garden. Bird baths come in creative colors, themes, and motifs. Bird baths can also be solar heated to give our feather friends an extra special treat. Adding a window bird feeder brings delight to anyone’s backyard experience. Children love to look outside to the backyard and see the beautiful cardinals and blue jays enjoying their time at the bird feeder. Many children will even want to create their own homemade bird feeders, with pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed. This can be a creative science project for any child to learn about their environment and God’s creation. Some parents install ahummingbird feeder in their backyard gardens and share how to create the sugar water for the hummingbird feeder. It is a wonderful experience to share in the joy of showing how God’s creation can enjoy a lovely backyard garden. One thing many gardeners attempt to do is to create a way in which the bird feeder will be squirrel proof, since they have a tendency to steal all the bird food from the bird feeder. They also tend to scare all the birds away from your bird feeder if they get to it.

  9. Install Birdhouses
  10. Bird houses can be a creative addition to your backyard garden. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Many have a rustic look that can create an added feeling to your garden. Many birds are attracted to a garden that has built in bird houses. Children also love to create homemade bird houses that they can paint and create unique designs on them to attract different types of birds. Creating a one stop shop for our feathery friends, with a garden filled with bird houses, bird baths, and bird feeders, you will definitely have a garden filled with beautiful birds. This will create a wonderful garden experience that you and your children will enjoy.